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ALM Hopewell Center provides services designed to help child and adolescent consumers, with mental illness, to function within the community. All Children and Adolescents services are performed at the Lacy Clay Center for Children’s Health on Delmar Blvd.

    • Healthcare Home Services – focus on children with serious mental illness, mental health condition and substance abuse disorder, or with either a mental health condition or substance abuse disorder and another chronic health condition.
    • School-Based Services – provides services to students who are at risk of not completing their education within the St. Louis Public Schools
    • Therapy – provides therapeutic opportunities to help children/families deal with the many stressors they may experience.
    • Chicago Parenting Program (CPP) – evidence based parenting classes that provide parenting strategies and coaching for parents of children in the age range of zero-8 years of age.
    • Creative Expression – program that allows children to heal from trauma through groups designed to facilitate communication and healing through creative art and play therapy.
    • Community Support – staff provides face to face assistance to achieve goals established as part of an Individual Treatment Plan
    • Crisis Intervention Services – professionals available to provide walk-in or phone crisis intervention
    • Evaluation – annual evaluation by interdisciplinary team
    • Medication Services – prescribing and management of psychotropic medications.
    • Medication Administration Services – may include helping with ordering or getting medications, or correctly filling weekly medication planners.
    • Psychosocial Rehabilitation – groups are available to consumers who can benefit from group activities and learning sessions focused on life skills and socialization
    • RISE Transition-Age Youth – provides services to the transition-age youth population.
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All People’s Family Locations will be closed May 27, 2024 due to Memorial Day.