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MO Dept of Mental Health

The Department of Mental Health (DMH) provides funding for community psychiatric services by service areas. There are 25 service areas within the state of Missouri. In each of these service areas there is an agency which contracts with DMH’s Division of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services to provide services to low income consumers. These agencies are Administrative Agents. Hopewell Center provides services to consumers in Service Area 24 – North St. Louis City.

Area Resources For Community and Human Services (ARCHS)

ARCHS has partnered with Hopewell Center for a number of years to provide services within the St. Louis City public schools. Through this partnerships services case managers are housed in the public schools. Case manager provides linkage between the schools and any mental health professionals treating the children. The Case Managers also provide consultation to teachers and care teams as well.

St. Louis Mental Health Board of Trustees

Through the generosity of the St. Louis Mental Health Board of Trustees, Hopewell Center is able to provide the Creative Expressions program to children and adolescents who have experienced trauma. Creative Expressions is a twelve week intensive art therapy program. Creative Expressions consists of individual and group components to promote healing and recovery.


The mission of the Amanda Luckett Murphy Hopewell Center is to improve the quality of life for clients, families, and the community served by providing equitable, culturally competent, trauma informed, and compassionate holistic behavioral health services, emphasizing hope, honor, dignity, and respect.

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